Our Focus - Superior Memory Products and Custom Storage Solutions

Not every electronic system is created the same. Depending on end product application, physical form, useable life expectancy, cost of maintenance and service, etc. the system memory requirements will differ. And you certainly can't take a consumer grade Flash card from a fly-by-night e-tailer and expect it to work reliably in a mission critical application.

Fortasa Memory Systems is focused on meeting customer specific needs with unique and differentiated Memory Storage Products. We offer custom memory solutions that integrate state-of-the-art Flash Controller technology to significantly extends the reliability of Flash media beyond it's standard rated operation. Fortasa's memory products offer hardware and software security layers protecting critical data from unauthorized access and system viruses.

In addition, Fortasa's engineers, can customize our standard product physical form factor or add unique device functionality. This capability can offer truly one-of-a-kind and copy-proof functionality to any OEM application.

Fortasa Memory Systems storage solutions have been successfully deployed in a wide range of industries such as industrial automation, life sciences, government and defense, automotive, and many others.

Our memory solutions are the winning formula in your market segment – enhancing performance, increasing productivity, protecting the critical data and accelerating your time to market.

Fortasa Memory Systems - Memory Solutions that Optimize Customer Value and System Performance

Our focus on providing unique memory solutions has driven us to continually innovate through beneficial partnerships with multiple technology providers. Our goal is to bring to market technically superior storage products to reduce customers' cost of ownership, increase system performance and offer customer defined unique functionality. We strive to deliver exceptional value to our customers through engineering excellence, product quality and reliability.

Fortasa Memory Systems - Unique Type of Company

Fortasa Memory Systems is a woman-owned company headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. Fortasa is a technological leader in providing Solid State Memory Solutions to the OEM and Industrial Customers. Focusing on fulfilling the customer needs with advanced memory solutions, Fortasa offers industry standard as well as unique and non-commodity data storage solutions. Fortasa's products are manufactured with the highest degree of durability, reliability and performance. In addition, Fortasa's products are offered in Standard and Industrial temperature ranges with extended security and custom features and form factors.