Fortasa Memory Systems offers most comprehensive security protection in the industry. Fortasa products offer the following standard security features:

Protection Zones

Fortasa's storage solutions offer up to 4 independent different protection zones that a customer can set as Full Access (default), Read-only or Hidden (Read and Write protected) within each protected zone.

Password Protection

Fortasa's storage solutions can enable access to the stored data through a unique password protected command. This secure access can be made device or platform specific offering greater security to prevent unauthorized access or virus attack.

Unique Device ID

Fortasa's storage solutions contain a unique 20-byte serial ID. This unique identifier can be used by the host system to offer secure and/or registered access to the device data or services.

Purge Command

Fortasa's storage solutions offer a range of purge commands to erase data from the storage device in a secure and efficient manner.
The options include

  • QuickErase - Quick Erase can wipe out the user and system data quickly and efficiently. The Quick Erase command can be enabled by software or hardware pin and will erase the system FAT table within 1 sec. While the user data will still remain on the drive, the ability to retrieve this data is fully disabled.
  • Secure Erase - also called Military Erase initiates a data destruction sequence which erases all data stored on the SSD and subsequently programs the address space with a pre-defined data pattern. Depending on Secure Erase option this erase/pattern programming sequence can be repeated multiple times.
  • Suicide Command - This is the most secure method of data destruction. Upon execution of Suicide Command, the Flash controller low-level format will be destroyed making any access to the SSD inoperable. The drive can't be recovered once the Suicide Command is executed.