Component Selection
Fortasa focus on quality begins in the engineering laboratory with critical component selection. All key suppliers are identified and selected not only based on their product technical parameters, but also on the manufacturing and testing practices employed by each supplier. Each critical component used in the design of Fortasa product has to be rigorously tested by the product manufacturer under strict ISO standards and has to have built-in identification and traceability. In addition, Fortasa component suppliers must also maintain and adhere to corporate policies for product discontinuation and end-of-life support policies.
Manufacturing and Test Expertise

Fortasa product manufacturing partners are ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 qualified and have a long term experience and commitment to manufacture Solid State Memory Products. Prior to production release, every new Fortasa product undergoes over 1000 hours of system test time, including Voltage, Frequency and Temperature corner stress tests which exercise the product to ±10% of standard rated conditions. This rigorous pre-production test methodology helps to identify and correct early product weakness related to PCB design, component placement or selection.

Once in production, every Fortasa product tests every memory block is for read/write integrity before customer shipment. In addition, our industrial temperature products are tested at the temperature extremes in the environmental chamber to insure compliance to the product specification. Our demanding and comprehensive approach to product testing ensures that Fortasa products live up to our and our customer's Quality expectations.
Component Selection