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SATA and ATA Disk Chips Overcome Vibration Impact - Directly Attached Flash SSD

Posted by Samuel Nakhimovsky on Monday, 17 Feb 2014

SATA and ATA Disk Chip

One of the most often heard customer suggestions about the SSD or Flash card products is that neither product category offers a good reliable connection in a high vibration environment. SSDs, Flash card and module are most often mated to the motherboard through a male/female socket and connector. This interconnect doesn't offer a reliable attachment, especially in a high vibration application. Over time the connector pins wear out and lose signal integrity, therefore causing drive failures or intermittent system operation.

The request has been to develop a directly attached Flash storage product to have a common socket/pin-out for easy capacity migration, offer sizable capacity and high reliability.

To address these requirements Fortasa Memory Systems, Inc. Introduced a Disk Chip family of 32-pin standard DIP (Dual Inline Package) size storage products. Measuring just 42.60 (L) mm x 19.30 (W) mm x 9.55 (H) mm these devices offer either PATA or SATA connectivity.

The SATA interface device, known as SDC (SATA Disk Chip) offers capacities from 2GByte to 32GByte with up to 85/80 MB/s sustained read/write performance.

The PATA interface device, known as ADC (ATA Disk Chip) offers capacities from 128MByte to 16GByte with up to to 50/40 MB/s sustained read/write performance.

These innovative embedded Flash Storage solutions can be directly soldered to the PCB or inserted into a standard 600-mil ZIFF socket. The pin out for the SDC or ADC products is the same for all the capacities offered enabling easy up or down capacity migration.

Please contact Fortasa to discuss your Solid State Storage needs.