Serving the Critical Data Storage Needs
of Industrial and OEM Customers


Solid State Memory Based Storage Systems have enjoyed wide acceptance in a broad range of consumer, industrial, and military applications. These applications include enterprise network routers and servers, ruggedized computers and electronic systems, casino gaming and entertainment kiosks, industrial automation and medical devices. Long appreciated for substantially higher level of reliability, shock and vibration resistance, extended temperature and reduced noise operation these Flash based storage systems are now competitively priced for even most price critical platforms.

Fortasa Memory Systems 1.8" and 2.5"-inch Flash drive families are ideal drop-in replacements for conventional hard disk drives in a variety of embedded system applications. Industrial CompactFlash card and SD card product families offer common form factors and industry standard interfaces with the high performance, high reliability and low total cost of storage ownership demanded in industrial OEM applications.

Data Center

Fortasa's Solid State Storage Solutions offer significant benefit to the Data Center application. Solid state storage benefits the data centers by reducing the query response time, lowering overall system cost and energy consumption.


Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation category includes a wide range of applications such as data acquisition control machines for process management, robotics on a production assembly line, and ruggedized sensors in remote monitoring systems.


Military Applications

Military applications require the highest level of performance and reliability. Whether deployed in the field equipment or base command office, memory systems have to flawlessly perfom in the harshest climates and conditions.


Video Surveillance

As global security concerns escalate, digital video surveillance equipment deployed in Homeland Security, law, border and drug enforcement agencies, public transportation and even private and corporate security are exploding.


Network Communication

Networking equipment manufacturers are required to deliver high performance, high reliability, multi-year product lifecycle products that meet stringent reliability standards and reduce the rate field failures and maintenance service calls.


Medicine Applications

Medical devices have extended product test and qualification cycles and are subject to rigorous regulatory approval processes. Memory solutions must be small form factor, rugged, perform reliably in patient care applications, tolerate frquent handling, high shock and vibration, and meet HIPAA requirements to protect confidential patient data. In addition, due to long design and approval cycles, memory components must be supplied for an extended period to avoid customer re-qualifiations.


Automotive Applications


Entertainment Kiosk

The market for entertainment kiosks includes a variety of platforms from casino gaming and internet access terminals to ATM machines.