Industrial mSATA Flash Module
  • 52-pin mSATA Connector
  • MO-300 Compliant Module
  • Advanced Wear-leveling and Block Management
  • Built-in HW ECC, Trim Command and S.M.A.R.T. Functions
  • Power Failure Prevention and Recovery
  • Quick Erase / Military Data Purge / Write Protection (Optional)


MO-300 Compliant


Fortasa's Industrial mSATA SSD fully conforms to the JEDEC MO-300 SSD specification standard in physical form (50.8mm (L)  x 29.8mm (W)) and connector interface. For even more portable designs mini-mSATA Flash ModuleFortasa offers a mini mSATA module. Measuring only 29.85mm (L) x 26.80mm (W) the mini mSATA module has the same 52 pin standard mSATA connector as the full mSATA module. 

With the focus on the Industrial and OEM markets, Fortasa's Industrial mSATA drives offer the most rugged solution to an industry standard Flash module.

Fortasa's mSATA Flash modules are manufactured with either high reliability SLC NAND Flash or cost effective MLC NAND Flash components in both Standard (0 to 70°C) and Industrial (-40 to 85°C) Temperature grades. With capacity range from 4GB to 512GB and Read and Write performance of reaching 165/150 MB/sec. Fortasa's Industrial mSATA modules can benefit any portable application where high reliability is a must.