• Compatible with SD 2.0 specification
  • Support SD mode and SPI mode
  • Built-in Hardware ECC Function
  • Wear-leveling and Block Management
  • Supports Auto Standby and Sleep Mode

 Industrial microSD logo

Fortasa's Industrial microSD Card is designed to meet the stringent reliability requirements of Industrial and OEM applications. Utilizing SLC or MLC NAND flash and high reliability Flash controller, Fortasa's Industrial microSD cards offer an order of magnitude greater life expectancy, significantly higher environmental reliability and lower Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) compared to the consumer Flash cards.

Fortasa's Industrial microSD card is fully compliant with the SD 2.0 Specification and are manufactured using high reliability SLC NAND flash or cost effective MLC NAND Flash components in both Standard (0 to 70°C) and Wide (-40°C to 85°C) Temperatature grades. Offered in the capacity range of 256GB to 32GB, the microSD cards reach upto 19/16 MB/sec Read/Write performance and are designed for use in industrial systems requiring extensive shock and vibration, wide temperature support and extended product life.
Unlike consumer grade devices, every Fortasa microSD card is mapped to a unique and specific Bill of Materials (BOM) which is identical for all the product shipments under the same Fortasa part number. With the focus on qality and reliability and supply consistency, customers can rely on Fortasa products for many years of reliable operation.