Serving the Critical Data Storage Needs
of Industrial and OEM Customers

A major US Military subcontractor contacted Fortasa for a proposal to design and manufacture a Custom USB Flash Drive solution.

The design needed to incorporate the following features:.

1) USB 3.0 Compliant Bridge Controller
2) USB 3.0 Compliant Flash Drive - 32GB or 64GB capacity
3) USB 3.0 enabled PIC Microcontroller with JTAG access
4) Custom USB Flash Drive Housing with maximum enclosure dimensions

Upon discussing the project details with the customer Fortasa undertook this project and provided the following services:

1) Electrical Schematic Design and Electronic Component Selection
2) Mechanical Structure Design and Mechanical Component Selection
3) Vendor and Subcontractor Selection
4) Firmware Development
5) Production Test Fixture Design and Test Program Development
6) Prototype Manufacturing
7) Compliance Testing
8) Production Release

Fortasa Custom USB Drive Mother and Daughter Boards

Fortasa Custom USB Drive Mother and Daughter Boards