Serving the Critical Data Storage Needs
of Industrial and OEM Customers


From the onset of Flash Memory technology, a dominant application for the solid state storage was removable Flash cards. Benefitting from portability ruggedness, universal compatibility and abundance of supply, Flash cards became the choice of storage in most consumer electronic systems, such as Digital Still and Video Cameras, Music Players, Video Games and Mobile Phones.

Over the years multiple competing formats for Flash cards have been developed and launched. The most common formats over the years became, PC Card, CompactFlash, CFast, SD and microSD cards. As the acceptance of the Flash cards in the consumer platforms grew exponentially, the embedded systems have also integrated Flash cards as a replacement of embedded drives and HDDs. However, for embedded applications the reliability requirement is significantly higher than that of Consumer usage.

Fortasa developed Industrial Grade Flash Cards to specifically address the stringent reliability requirement of the Industrial and Embedded applications. Fortasa's Industrial Flash Card products are offered in most common form factors and not only integrates Industrial reliability components that significantly extend the useable life of the device, but also offers SMART monitoring tools to keep track of card usage and report likely failures.