Serving the Critical Data Storage Needs
of Industrial and OEM Customers

Management Team


Vice President - Engineering

Mr. Kuracek has served as Vice President of Engineering for Fortasa Memory Systems, Inc. since 2010. With over 15 years of managing engineering teams, he has been instrumental in designing multiple generations of Flash Controllers for Annobit and M-systems. Mr. Kuracek holds an M.S. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Lehigh University.


Office Director - Fortasa Japan

Mr Watanabe has taken multiple Sales and Operational roles at Fortasa since 2011. He currently serves as an General Manager - Fortasa Japan overseeing our Asian operations. Previously, Mr. Watanabe served in various sales and marketing roles at Intel Japan and Hitachi South Korean Office. Mr. Watanabe holds a B.S. degree in Engineering from Tokyo University.


Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Noyes has served as Chief Financial Office at Fortasa Memory Systems, Inc. since 2013. He brings a proven record of success as a senior Financial manager. Mr. Noyes was previously employed as a Sr. Director of Finance at Intel and corporate comptroller at Fairchild Semiconductor. Mr. Noyes holds a B.A. degree in Finance from Scripps College.


General Manager - Fortasa HQ

Mr. Nakhimovsky is a company co-founder and has served as General Manager NA/Europe for Fortasa Memory Systems, Inc. Silicon Valley headquarters since 2009. He brings over 30+ years of engineering and marketing experience in the Flash memory industry. Mr. Nakhimovsky held senior level marketing and business management positions at Spansion, SMART Modular and SST.