Serving the Critical Data Storage Needs
of Industrial and OEM Customers

Engineering Design Services

Unlike Hard Disk Drives that are only offered in rigid universal form factor standards, like 3.5", 2.5" and 1.8" sizes, Flash Storage products can be custom engineered to assume shape or form factor to meet end cusomer's optimal need. As part of our Value Added Customer Focus, we had created a Design Service division to specifically address unique customer requirements for Flash Storage products.

This division can offer turn key design services to customize any Flash Memory Storage device. Services include:

1) Defining Customer Storage Solution Requirements
2) Developing Electrical and Mechanical Design Schematic of the Requirement
3) Component Selection to meet the Requirement
4) Mechanical Simulation of the Proposed Solution
5) Electrical Circuit Simulation of the Proposed Solution
6) Vendor Selection and Prototype Manufacturing
7) Prototype and Production Test Flow and Program Development
8) Compliance and Environmental Testing
9) Production Release

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