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Fortasa Memory Systems PC Memory Cards – Drop-In Replacement Technology for SiliconSystems/WD

If you had used SiliconSystems/WD ATA Memory cards in the past, you would have benefited from the high reliability, high performance and multiyear product life cycles that they had offered. Fortasa engineering team has developed not only quality compatible PCMCIA card product offering, but also at a significantly higher performance than the original SiliconSystems/WD solutions. Our goal is to keep production of PC Card products for years to come. Let us help you in your search for a dependable Industrial PCMCIA Memory card manufacturer.

  WD Model Fortasa Model
Capacity SiliconDrive Fortasa Industrial PC ATA Memory Card Model
16GB SSD-P16G(I)-3xxx FMS-PC016GE3ER-(I)NRJ
8GB SSD-P08G(I)-3xxx FMS-PC008GE3ER-(I)NRJ
4GB SSD-P04G(I)-3xxx FMS-PC004GE3ER-(I)NRJ
2GB SSD-P02G(I)-3xxx  FMS-PC002GE3ER-(I)NRJ 
1GB SSD-P01G(I)-3xxx FMS-PC001GE3ER-(I)NRJ
512MB SSD-P51M(I)-3xxx FMS-PC512ME3ER-(I)NRJ
256MB SSD-P25M(I)-3xxx FMS-PC256ME3ER-(I)NRJ
128MB SSD-P12M(I)-3xxx FMS-PC128ME3ER-(I)NRJ