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Flash SSD Easy and Secure Data Erase

Posted by Biraj Jamalayam on Tuesday, 29 Apr 2014

Many computing applications require high level of data protection and security. When the system security is breached, the logical requirement is to purge or destroy the stored data quickly and efficiently before unauthorized access takes place.

SSD Efficient Data Destruction

However, secure data erasure is not a trivial task. Popular operating systems have been developed specifically to protect and not destroy the user data. Conventional "recycle" folder or "unerase" command give the user an easy way to restore a file that was wrongfully deleted.

A standard OS routine to delete a file merely removes the name header in the File Allocation Table (FAT) structure. While, without the name header, the file is not shown in the file structure, the file data, however, is still fully resident in the memory space and can be easily retrieved.

Secure Erase Command

The Secure Erase (SE) command which was specifically added to the ANSI standards is integrated in the Flash Controller firmware which makes it much less susceptible to system viruses or other unauthorized intrusion. The SE command is executed directly by the host and erases all user data sequentially sector by sector. If power failure is encountered, the command resumes execution once the power is restored.

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