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Flash Memory Controller - Heart of the Industrial Storage System

Posted by Biraj Jamalayam on Wednesday, 04 Jun 2014

Frequently we receive customer inquiries about our Industrial Storage products where they don't understand the difference between an Industrial and Consumer solution and how the technology and product quality differs.

While my colleague addressed this question from the point of view of product manufacturing, I would like to address it from the point of view of technology and specifically about the Industrial Flash Controller that transparently manages the host system interface to NAND Flash media.

As part of the NAND Flash management algorithm, Flash controller performs the following discrete tasks:


NAND Flash Copyback Command - Hidden Potential for Drive Corruption

Posted by Samuel Nakhimovsky on Tuesday, 03 Jun 2014

Usage of NAND Flash COPYBACK Command Causes Drive Corruption and Data Loss

One of the "Beneficial" features that was added into NAND Flash operation was the COPYBACK Command.

Also known as the INTERNAL DATA MOVE (IDM) operations, Copyback was promoted by the NAND Flash vendors as a performance increasing feature which enabled the data page to be copied from one memory location to another within a NAND device without transferring the data off-chip to a Flash controller.