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Posted by Samuel Nakhimovsky on Monday, 23 Mar 2020

Oftentimes Industrial and Military equipment manufacturers are keenly focused on data protection and keeping stored information away from unauthorized users. They require a feature that can delete all the stored data on the SSD in the most quickest way. While conventional, off the shelf, HDDs only offer command set that is compliant with the ATA command standard, Industrial SSD have the flexibility to create any "vendor specific", unique command that can perform any custom task. 

There are multiple ways that this feature could be implemented.  One of the quickest SSD erase methods is by using a Quick Erase command. All physical memory blocks of the Flash Memory are categorized into either User Blocks, Spare Blocks or System Blocks. Most of the physical blocks are in the User Blocks category, where the host has read and write access and can store various types of files. Since it is extremely time-consuming to erase all the physical blocks, a Quick Erase function was developed for cases when there a quick drive erasure is required in a shortest amount of time. Fortasa Quick Erase command implementation overwrites the FAT table and the MBR (Master Boot Record). With the MBR and FAT table erased, the drive appears as uninitialized and mapping links between LBA and physical blocks are erased. In order to access the drive, full reinitialization and FAT table rebuild are necessary.


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