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Fake Industrial Grade Flash Storage Devices | SSDs, Flash Cards and Modules

Posted by Biraj Jamalayam on Thursday, 12 Jun 2014

Fake Industrial Grade Flash Storage  Devices - Beware of Impostors

On my many trips to different parts of Asia, I never failed to be accosted by strange salesmen trying to offer jeweled Swiss watches, name brand women's bags, designer perfumes and other luxury goods. These products look extremely genuine, high attention to detail, luxury boxes, glossy user manuals. Yet they are offered for a fraction of what the same item would cost in an American store. How is this done?

It is a common knowledge that Asia is full of brand name knock-offs, which are good looking copies of the expensive luxury goods built at a low quality Asian manufacturing facility using inferior component parts. So while the offered item might look and feel like a genuine part, it sure is NOT !


Industrial Flash SSD Economics - Premium Value for the Higher Quality

Posted by Robert Noyes on Saturday, 12 Apr 2014

Fortasa Industrial SSD Product Family

Frequently our embedded customers compare our Industrial Grade Flash Card, SSD and other storage products with the consumer grade devices typically found on Amazon, or other retail or e-tail sites. The discrepancy in product cost between the Industrial Grade Flash and its consumer brethren is amazingly wide. Considering that every card, whether Industrial or Consumer, has to have a connector, PCB, Flash Controller and NAND Flash component, they are often dumbfounded as to the such sizable price difference.

Given the lack of transparency, I wanted to elaborate on the economics of building an Industrial vs. a Consumer Flash card and the reason for substantial cost difference.


Replacing Legacy Storage Devices - Low Capacity SSDs and Flash Cards

Posted by Biraj Jamalayam on Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014

Oftentimes we get emails from customers looking for a Flash storage solution for an application that had been designed quite a few years back. Usually this involves either a low capacity HDD or Flash card replacement or an interface that has been technically obsoleted long ago.

Legacy Cockpit Electronics

As an example, one of our customers refurbishes old airplanes. The business involves keeping the plane hull and upgrading the cockpit electronics. Well, the old airplanes, obviously, have older components, and the HDD in the black box is typically in the 10's of Megabytes range. Nowadays, one can easily buy a HDD in 100's of Gigabytes or even Terrabytes, but to buy a brand new HDD with only 10's of Megabytes is not possible.


M.2, MO-300, MO-297 - New Flash Drive Standards Expand SSD Differentiation

Posted by Samuel Nakhimovsky on Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014

MO-297 Slim SATA Module

Seems just yesterday the battle raged between CompactFlash, SmartMedia, SD and Memory Stick Flash card form factors. Every one of these formats was driven by huge corporate interests that vested huge am

ounts of time and money to drive the customer momentum to their preferred product category. As the battles raged, SmartMedia and Memory Stick became road kills and are no longer being designed-in or even manufactured by the suppliers. Of the remaining formats, CompactFlash has lived on mostly in Industrial Applications and SD card, while still used, got miniaturized into much more popular mini and micro SD formats.