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M.2, MO-300, MO-297 - New Flash Drive Standards Expand SSD Differentiation

Posted by Samuel Nakhimovsky on Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014

MO-297 Slim SATA Module

Seems just yesterday the battle raged between CompactFlash, SmartMedia, SD and Memory Stick Flash card form factors. Every one of these formats was driven by huge corporate interests that vested huge am

ounts of time and money to drive the customer momentum to their preferred product category. As the battles raged, SmartMedia and Memory Stick became road kills and are no longer being designed-in or even manufactured by the suppliers. Of the remaining formats, CompactFlash has lived on mostly in Industrial Applications and SD card, while still used, got miniaturized into much more popular mini and micro SD formats.

M.2 (NGFF) SATA 3 Flash Module

A similar battle is brewing on the SSD front. The old time favorites - 2.5" Drives are now rapidly being replaced by the slimmer and smaller modules designed specifically for PC Clients and Tablets.

The popular standards for the new generation of Flash modules are:

MO-300 - Also known as mSATA, the MO-300) is a SATA Interface 50.8 (L) mm x 29.85 (W) mm x 8 (T) mm size module that offers upto 512GBytes of capacity

MO-297 - Also known as slim SATA, this is a shorter version of an 1.8" SSD. Measuring just 54 (L) mm x 39.8 (W) x 4 (T) mm this module offers SATA interface and upto 512GBytes of storage.

M.2 - A new, high performance, SATA 3, or new PCIe interface in an industry standard 22 mm x 42 mm or 60 mm of length.

These new Flash Memory Module form factor choices offer a great deal of flexibility to the system designer.

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