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Industrial eMMC | Small Size SSD for Embedded Applications

Posted by David Chen on Thursday, 26 Jun 2014

Fortasa Industrial eMMC device

As the rapid pace of innovation of technology drives products to become lighter, smaller and cheaper, the same principal drives the storage products. In the last few years the commonly utilized CompactFlash card form factor was surpassed by the SD card standard, later to be overtaken by an even smaller microSD card. In the embedded industry, the 2.5" HDDs were overtaken by a smaller form factor Flash Modules and now rapidly replaced by a single chip SSDs.

eMMC is the most common choices in the single chip SSD offering. Benefiting the customer by a universal standard, small footprint, fast performance and multitude of suppliers, the eMMC is being rapidly designed-in not just consumer, but Industrial applications.

eMMC standard is managed by JEDEC, an independent authority for developing specifications and standards. All the product technical features, command set, package layout and ball positions are all defined in the JEDEC specification. The standard also defines compliance testing and issues certification to conforming, approved and tested products.  The eMMC certification insures compliance and ubiquity of supply.

Most Flash memory manufacturers, also offer an eMMC product for their customer base. However, their offering is targeted for the highest volume, consumer applications, such as cellular phones or tablet products. The manufacturing goal of the memory suppliers is to have the lowest cost product with the acceptable rapid changes for immediate cost reductions. This is contrary to the Embedded Customer needs of having a consistent product for the longest duration.

Fortasa Memory Systems, Inc.offers an Industrial Grade eMMC product where the product content is specifically identified and restricted. The Flash Controller, Flash Component, Package manufacturer and Controller Firmware are specifically locked to a unique marketing part number that the customer uses to order the device. A Fortasa eMMC customer ordering that specific part number will receive the exact same product manufacturing content as he had used in the qualification.

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