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Posted by John Kuracek on Friday, 20 Jun 2014

Consumer product innovation has always been driven by an insatiable need to create smaller, lighter, faster and cheaper designs. This was not the case with Industrial and Embedded applications where product reliability and continuation of supply have been the drivers in component selection. However, the popularity and universal acceptance of consumer devices has also driven the embedded designs toward integration of consumer standards.

Fortasa Industrial SD Card

The same could be said of the progression of Flash card standards in the embedded space. CompactFlash card was a universally accepted storage device in the embedded designs. As the consumer industry migrated rapidly from CompactFlash card to SD card and microSD form factors, the embedded designers have also migrated the new designs t use the now ubiquitous SD card standard.

Embedded application require the storage component to have very high degree of robustness, withstand environmental impact and operate reliably for the lifetime of the end product. For this type of requirement a low cost consumer grade Flash card would just not suffice.

Fortasa Memory Systems, Inc. manufactures Industrial Grade SD card specifically for the OEM and Industrial customers. Utilizing high reliability SLC NAND Flash or cost effective MLC NAND Flash, Fortasa's SD Cards offer the highest degree of quality and reliability. These devices go through a significant production qualification tests verifying consistent and reliable operation at voltage and temperature corners, under extreme shock and vibration and even under power supply brown-out conditions.

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