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Device Serialization Makes Fortasa Flash Cards and SSDs More Secure

Posted by David Chen on Wednesday, 30 Apr 2014

Many of our industrial and military customers have a high level of interest to protect the critical information that is stored on their SSD or Flash card. A typical solution is to purchase a shrink wrap Encryption software application package that will encrypt the stored data. This level of encryption uses only the private key (password) to encrypt the stored files.The encrypted files can be copied and drives duplicated, but regardless of the storage medium the files will only be decrypted and useful to the owner of the encryption key.

Secure Encrypted Files

This solution works well as long as the private key is not publicly shared. If, however, the encryption key is released in the public domain, the SSD can be easily duplicated, files decrypted and easily shared.

A more robust solution is integrated into the Fortasa Memory Systems, Inc. Flash Card and SSD products.  Our Industrial Storage Devices have the capability to be uniquely identified at manufacturing with any proprietary non-repeating serial number of upto 20 characters long. During drive production these custom serial numbers are added to the Drive ID structure as an additional manufacturing step. Once the drives are serialized, a specific encryption software can be developed to utilize not only the private user key, but also the serial number of the storage device  as part of the encryption key.

With this approach any duplicated file will not be able to be decrypted even if the user private key becomes public. Utilizing unique hardware serialization can prevent unauthorized duplication of the secure information.

Please contact Fortasa for any information about additional security features of our Flash storage products.